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8 Week Weight Loss Challenge!

We have helped Casper residents lose over 60,000 lbs. and we can help you too!  

Our weight loss program will teach you the secrets of permanent weight loss!  Don't just take our word for it--see the proof.

*Many of these participants started with our 8 week program and did our continuing program to see these kinds of dramatic results.

“What can I say but WOW! I lost over 125 lbs., and I can’t even count how many inches! Thanks Jeff for all your help!”  -- Linda

“I never thought I could do this!  Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goal!"  -- Steve

With the 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge you will lose the weight and keep it off permanently.

Our customized nutrition plans combined with our metabolism rebuilder program create the most effective weight loss program available.

Your will learn:
        • How to melt off body fat while you sleep! 
        • Flatten your stomach without crunches! 
        • How to stop craving sweets! 
        • Eat your favorite foods without guilt! 
        • Plus much more! 
























Top ten reasons this program is the most effective available:


10. Comprehensive approach. We don’t just focus on nutrition. 
9. Individualized programs, not a cookie cutter approach. 
8. Fitness professionals giving advice, instead of franchise owners. 
7. Small groups for individualized attention. 
6. Large variety of equipment to keep it fun and effective. 
5. We use body composition to find your TRUE ideal weight not your height. 
4. No bars, pills, or packaged foods to buy, 
3. Flexible menu plan. Learn to eat your favorite foods and get away with it. 
2. It’s affordable and simple. 
and the #1 reason why this is the last program you will ever need.......

                   IT WORKS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!


No More Diets,

     No More Gimmicks,



70 lbs!

50 lbs!

48 lbs!

40 lbs!

Featured In Live Well Magazine!

20 lbs!

33 lbs!

46 lbs!

50 lbs!

Enter the biggest loser contest and win cash or prizes!

Nothing To Lose But Pounds and Inches!

We run our 8 week group programs every 10 weeks.  If you want to start losing weight now either by yourself or with a small group call me and we can get started immediately.

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