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Bridging The Gap Between Healthcare And Fitness


Personalized Fitness Programs Post Rehab and Medical Conditions

What Is Fit-Script?

Fit-Script  is  a  medically  based  fitness

program providing a place for

physicians to refer patients with special needs.  We offer specialized fitness training, weight loss services, and functional

conditioning programs.  These personalized programs are highly effective for the

prevention, treatment, and management of more than 40 of the most common chronic health conditions encountered in primary practice.  

We also offer Post Rehab functional conditioning programs so patients won't lose the progress made during therapy. 


Who Can Benefit?

The Fit-Script exercise prescription program is for people who:


·   Have a chronic illness or condition

·   Have a complex health history

·   Are post cardiac or physical therapy

·   Are post medical treatment

·   Have a physicians recommendation to

    begin an exercise program


All participants are given safe and effective

medically based fitness programs designed to optimize their quality of life and long term health.



Why Fit-Script?

Diet and lack of exercise account for more than 500,000 deaths annually but few

individuals know how to begin a safe,

effective exercise program. This is where 

Fit-Script  plays an integral role in bridging the gap between healthcare and fitness.  Our goal is to improve the health and well being of our community through regular exercise prescription from physicians and other healthcare providers.    



Fit-Script Advantage

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality programming, service, staff, equipment

and facility.  All of our fitness and nutrition programs are designed by a medically certified exercise physiologist in conjunction with recommendations from the participants

physician. Continued monitoring and proper progression ensures they will achieve their goals safely and efficiently.  State of the art equipment coupled with superior instruction makes the Fit-Script program second to none.

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