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Peak Performance is Wyoming’s premier sports training program for 7th-12th grade athletes!

Learn the secrets pro and college athletes use to take their game to the next level!

• Acceleration
• Vertical Jump
• Top Speed
• Lateral Speed
• Reaction Time
• Power
• Balance
• and MORE!

We provide results with a focus on safety and injury prevention!

With over 20 years experience, our nationally certified and degreed trainers combined with state of the art equipment make Peak Performance second to none!

We use a combination of strength training and plyometrics to achieve maximum success. For better results and safety we work with athletes individually or in small groups. Typical Improvements Seen:

• Increase of 2-6 inches in vertical
• Average decrease of .20 in the 40
• Improved recovery time
• Improved body composition
• Maximized speed and efficiency
• Improved balance and coordination



We will also focus on sports nutrition, core strength, functional strength, and flexibility.

Whether you are a beginning athlete learning a new sport, or a good athlete wanting to go to the next level, our programs will help you reach your peak!

Sign up today for your FREE sports training consultation below!

Brian Ridgeway clearing 45 inches with ease!

“I improved my vertical by 6 inches and increased my speed and quickness. Peak Performance helped me get my volleyball scholarship!

“This is the best program I have ever tried! In only 10 weeks I increased my vertical 5 inches, and improved my leg strength by over 100 lbs! I am quicker, faster, and can’t wait to do the level 2 program!”

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