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Have Fun, See Results, And Make Friends With Small Group Training!

How would you like to have all the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost?  Well now you can with our Small Group Personal Training option!  We can work with people of all abilities and fitness levels.

Women on Weights

A 4 week strength training class for women only.  Great for toning up and getting into shape


  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate

  • Learn proper form on machines and free weight exercises.

  • Discover the valuable benefits of strength training and proper nutrition.

  • Small groups to ensure safety.


Space is limited so call early to reserve your spot.

Buff Body Boot Camp

It’s nice outside and you’re dreading the thought of going inside for your workout right? Well how about going outside and getting the workout of your life with our Buff Body Boot Camp!  These 4 week rapid weight loss and fitness camps will help you:


• Decrease body fat and inches
• Improved self confidence 
• Increase lean muscle tissue 
• Increase strength and endurance 
• Decrease stress and have fun!

Private Group

Private small group personal training is perfect if you want to workout with another person, spouse, or small group of friendsl    


With this option you can pick a workout time that fits your schedule and train with the people you want to workout with.


It does not matter if you have different goals, abilities, or fitness levels.  We will modify and adjust routines to fit everyone.

WARNING!  These classes fill up fast so sign up early! 

Small group personal training is the ideal opportunity to get into shape, have fun, and meet 

friends all at an affordable cost.

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