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Hit it further

Lower your scores!

Be more consistent and accurate!


Take the TPI Golf Fitness Assessment and

get your fitness handicap.



It is impossible to reach your full golfing potential if you have certain physical limitations.  The Titleist Performance institute has developed a 15 point fitness screen that can accurately identify these limitations. 


This is the same screen used by PGA and LPGA tour professionals!


A direct correlation has been found between these physical limitations and the 12 most common swing characteristics such as, coming over the top, early extension, swaying, sliding, flipping, etc.


Once we identify your limitations we will provide you with corrective exercises and motor learning drills to remove these limitations and have you playing your best golf and reducing your risk of injuries. 

8 of the last 13
Major Championships

Were won by players advised
by a TPI Certified Professional

22 of the top 35
Players in the world

are advised by a

TPI Certified Professional


41 of the last 67
PGA Tour Events

Were won by players advised
by a TPI Certified Professional

The following are some of the main areas tested during the initial screening:

  • Pelvis and hip mobility

  • Thoracic mobility

  • Posterior chain muscular flexibility and strength

  • Core Strength

  • Balance

  • Wrist, ankle and shoulder mobility

  • Neuromuscular control


An overall score will be given based on the outcomes of the screens that can be used to measure improvement.



  • More Efficient Golf Swing

  • Increased Power

  • Increased ROM (Range of Motion)

  • Improved Balance and Coordination

  • Increased Strength

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Improved Golf Performance

  • Increased Stability

  • Improved Golf Posture

  • Increased Power

  • Injury Prevention

You will be instructed by Jeff Miller, Exercise Physiologist, TPI Certified Golf Fitness Expert, and Certified Golf Teaching Professional. 


TPI Golf Performance Evaluation

   • 60 minute scheduled appointment

   • 15 point physical evaluation

   • Review of results and get your fitness handicap score


V1-Video Swing Analysis

   • 60 minute session

   • Review of findings



TPI Golf Performance Fitness Packages-(Best Value)

   • Personalized strength and flexibility program based on screen results and

      individual goals   

   • Nutrition Consultation

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